Local Cuisine

Local dishes to try when in Jamaica:

  • Ackee and saltfish
  • Jerk chicken / pork
  • Curry goat
  • Roasted breadfruit
  • Fried bummy
  • Fried festival
  • Patties
  • Rice and peas 

Please note, all the dishes can be bought in any local cafe and the price ranges from $3 to $5 per person per meal.

Fruits to try:

  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Jamaican apple
  • Guinep
  • Naseberry
  • Pineapple
  • Jelly coconut
  • Guava

Some of these fruits you might have tried before, but in Jamaica they taste differently (e.g. mangoes) and there is a much wider variety of them.

Budget Local Cafes

De Square

from $3 per person

A small local cafe where locals buy food. Perfect for take outs, NOT the place to dine out.

hours: 8.30 am - 7.00 pm

location: Lilliput, 5 mins walk EAST along A1 highway.

directions: cross the highway and walk towards traffic. Look to your right, and you’ll see a range of cafes/shops.

These local cafes are not much to look at, but the food is delicious and always fresh. This is a perfect choice for budget traveller or a person, who wants to experience authentic Jamaican lifestyle.


Please keep in mind, it's much cheaper to eat in such cafes than to cook by yourself.

Lilliput Jerk Center

from $6 per person

Local place to get Jerk Chicken. Convenient for dinners. Can take out or stay there to mingle with the locals.

hours: 6.30 pm - 10.00 pm

location: Lilliput, 5 mins walk EAST along A1 highway.

directions: cross the highway and walk towards traffic. Look to your right, and you’ll see a range of cafes/shops.

Jerk Chicken - famous Jamaican cuisine. Places cooking jerk are called “Jerk Centers”.


Every Jerk Center in Jamaica claims that their Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork is the best. We suggest try a few and decide for yourself!

Authentic Restaurants


from $6 per person

Majority of people in Jamaica know that one of the best Jerk Centers is Scotchies in Montego Bay. Make sure to try their hot sauce.

hours: from 11.00 am - night. location: Sea View Plaza, 8 mins drive WEST along A1 highway.

directions: When you pass Holiday Inn, keep looking to your left. You will see “Rubis” gas station and then “The Sun”.


Scotchies is after the gas stations, you’ll see it in a touristy area with souvenir shops around.

Mystic India

from $20 per person

Mystic India restaurant in Montego Bay represents one of the best Indian Restaurants I ever visited, and this includes numerous ones in the UK and in India! 


What is more, this restaurant is one of the rare places that offers a wide range of Vegetarian and Vegan food!


tel: +1 (876) 953 9460, +1 (876) 630 4043 DELIVERY is possible

hours: 12.00 am 9.35 pm

location: Whitter Village, Ironshore. 10 mins drive WEST.

directions: this place is near the supermarket. Drive along A1 highway until cross roads with Burger King, TOTAL gas station, clock and Blue Diamond. Go to Whitter Village, Mystic India is behind the clock tower.


Mystic India Website

Far Out Fish Hut

from $20 per person

One of the best places for Sea Food in Montego Bay area. The restaurant is NOT fine dining, but the food is so delicious that it can compete with any fine dining places.


What is more, this is the authentic Jamaican restaurant, a hut right by the ocean, just like you  see in the films.

tel: +1 (876) 954 7155

hours: 10.00 am - 11.00 pm

location: 10 mins drive EAST along A1 highway. 

directions: drive EAST until you pass Greenwood, then keep looking to your left. There is a sign saying “Far Out Fish Hut” and you can see the hut by the sea.

Pier One

from $20 per person

Beautiful view, good food, reasonable prices, nice place to dine out, though can be a bit slow with service


hours: 11.00 am - 9.30 pm. Monday: Karaoke night, Wednesday - fashion night, Friday: 9.00 pm - 4.00 am night club.

ATTN: operates as a nightclub on Wednesday and Fridays. Laud music from 9 pm.

location: Pier One, Montego Bay downtown. 25 mins drive WEST.

directions: drive to downtown. When you see KFC, once you have passed it - take the first right turn at the traffic lights. Drive to the dead end and park by “Pier 1” sign.


tel: +1 (876) 952 2452, +1 (876) 286 7208

Pier One Website

You will find out more from the paper guide book

in your apartment when you arrive!