Due to a wrong stereotype about Jamaica, we have decided to create a separate page about safety, security and crime in Jamaica.


Calypso Villa is located in a private secured gated area in a nice community, next to a 5 star resort, called Iberostar. 

As required by the tourist board, there are CCTV cameras installed at every corner of our villa.


We also have guarding dogs, who are rather small and always friendly to our guests, but they don't let any strangers get anywhere close to the house, unless they are invited by us.



Q: Is it really dangerous in Jamaica because of the high crime rate?


A: NO. It's perfectly safe to walk, even at night, as long as you don't do anything that you wouldn't do in your home country. For example, finding a drunk person and flashing 10000 USD in front of his face can sure get you robbed. Otherwise, it's much safer in Jamaica (including Kingston) than in most big European and American cities. 


Don't get us wrong, of course, there is crime, but it's not worse than anywhere else in the world. Check our video below for more stereotypes debunked.