Meet Your Host

My name is Irina and if you choose Calypso Villa for your Jamaican Experience, I will be your host for the time of your stay. I also have  a team of awesome people who make Calypso magic happen. 

I am an experienced traveller and I know how important it is to be able to find a good place to stay wherever you go, be it in a big city or in the jungle. My dream was to live on a tropical island and, having travelled one-fifth of the world, I chose Jamaica, because it truly is the Adventure Island. I am originally from Ukraine.


My goal was to create a perfect hideout for travellers where guests could emerge into the local culture and this is how Calypso Villa was founded. Currently, Calypso Villa is a small family business and we like keeping it this way to ensure personal approach to every guest.


To help you make the most of your trip, we have put together facts, tips, available activities, restaurants and a guide to the most amazing places around Jamaica. You will find all the insider information when you arrive in our carefully designed paper guide books as well as on our maps with direction sheets. 

Meet Your Co-Host

Evgenii (also known as A.J.) is my husband and the co-host.


He is the man who works behind the scenes and is the one who has made our Calypso Villa family business highly successful.


Guests don't always see AJ, but they certainly see his work! He makes sure that your apartment is spotless, has all the necessary amenities, and if there is any extra help needed, he is the Mr. Fix-it.


Before relocating to Jamaica, AJ  had been working as a Team Leader of F&B department in Hyatt Regency Kyiv for over 4 years.


If I'm not at the site, AJ is there to greet you and show you around, so you always have a person to contact when staying with us.

Meet Your Guide

Derrick is highly knowledgeable, reliable and he is the person who will turn your trip from just great to being absolutely fantastic!


What makes Derrick different from all the other guides and drivers in Jamaica is his ability to be flexible and focus on taking guests to places off the beaten path, instead of tricking them into going to all those tourist traps and souvenir shops like other drivers sometimes do in Jamaica. 


If you need a pickup service from the airport, Derrick is the one who will greet you and take you to our place, while giving  full introduction to Montego Bay and Jamaica. 


It took us almost 2 years to find a professional like Derrick and we are so proud to now have him as a part of our Calypso Villa team!

Feel free to check the list of Day Trips you can do with Derrick.

We Love Dogs. Do you?



The Old Mama. Likes to follow you to the beach, bark at birds.


Can follow you to the snorkeling site, the beach and will go for a swim with you. Will NOT follow to the main road.

Tip: Enjoys a rub behind the ears.



Candy’s daughter. The most loyal and kind dog.


Likes to follow you to the beach, dig for crabs, go for a swim with you. Will protect you from strangers. Will NOT follow to the main road. Tip: Enjoys a belly rub.

Please note, if you are afraid of dogs, Calypso Villa might not be the best choice for you. However, if you love dogs, then Calypso will be a perfect place for you, because our dogs would surely treat you as their best friend and add even more to the home atmosphere.