Airport Transfer

The prices are stated in USD, paid directly to the driver. 


$30 per trip 

(NOT per person)

Direct one way Montego Bay airport transfer.

$40 per trip

(NOT per person) 

Airport transfer with a stop at a supermarket.


We provide a 15 seater van for your comfort. Derrick is an authorized guide and driver. To book the transfer, contact us after making a reservation and provide your FLIGHT number and the ARRIVAL time.


Once confirmed, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign.

Private Driver & Taxi in Jamaica

Sure, Derrick can be your private driver to take you around the island to the places you choose to see. We have a website with Day Trips and Experiences around the island IRIELAB.COM

Please also check out our video (below) about getting around in Jamaica on a budget. It gives a general idea of the modes of travel and how to use public transport.

Route Taxi

Route Taxi is a Jamaican type of public transport. Usually it looks like a regular car with red plates. Please note, route taxis don't always have a taxi sign.


They follow a certain route and there are different prices depending on the distance, but usually between $1 to $2 per person (from 150 to 300 JMD).


You will have to ask the locals about prices and the locations to get the idea where to find the route taxi you need.

UBER in Jamaica

There is still NO UBER in Jamaica (updated in October, 2022). There is kind of "uber" in Kingston, but it is not official and semi-legal.

Car Rental


Here is the list of Car Rental companies, which have proved to be the cheapest, as well as reliable.

Please note, car rentals usually post the price without insurance, so with insurance it should be about $45 per day.

They also take a deposit of up to 1000 USD (sometimes less), so you need to have this amount on your card.

NOTE: You do NOT need 4x4 to travel Jamaica, even if you go to the mountains.


Please watch our video about renting a car in Jamaica:

Route Bus

Route bus is the same as route taxi, but bigger and operates on a route between towns.


For example, you can take a route bus from Montego Bay downtown to Falmouth, and ask the driver to drop you off by the turn to our house.


This costs only around $1.30 (200 JMD).


Route Taxis and Route Buses are the cheapest modes of travel in Jamaica and are widely used by the locals.

Safety and Route Taxis

We often get questions as to whether it's safe to use route taxis and other forms of transport in Jamaica. 


You are NOT going to be robbed or any other security issues that people worry about when they ask about "safety". So, from this point of view it's  safe to use route taxis/buses.


HOWEVER, there is one reason why it might NOT be safe to use  public transport here - drivers often drive very fast and not careful. 

With route taxis and route buses drivers speed up to 180 km/h (110 ml/h), never keep distance from the car in front of them, ignore traffic lights and in general break all possible driving rules. So, if there is any real danger in using route taxis - it is related to reckless driving.

The reason behind such driving - the faster they complete the trip, the more trips they make, the more they earn. This is the only reason why they are not recommended by Jamaica Tourist Board.

Chartered Taxi

Chartered Taxi is a route taxi that is hired for private ride.


To charter a taxi, just stop any route taxi on the road and ask the driver if he/she can take you to the place you need.


If the driver has no other passengers and agrees to take you, make sure you agree on the price before getting into a taxi, because there is a chance to overpay for the service.

Chartered taxis don't have fixed rates. To give an idea, it costs around 10 - 15 USD for 20 mins ride to downtown from our house.


Please note, if a Route Taxi driver understands that you're a tourist, there is a chance he would assume you want to charter him and charges you "private taxi" prices. So, make sure you clarify to the route taxi driver if you want him as route taxi or chartered taxi.

Yellow Bus

In Kingston yellow bus is the most convenient type of public transport. It's safe and it will take you anywhere around the city.

We also have Yellow Bus that operates on the route between Montego Bay and Falmouth.


If you see it, use it, but it doesn’t make sense waiting for it on purpose, because its operation hours are highly unreliable and fluctuate somewhere from one bus every 45 minutes to one bus every 2 hours.  You can get a Route Taxi instead.


Yellow bus costs somewhere around $0.70 per person.

Knutsford Express


Highly reliable and most comfortable way to travel from city to city in Jamaica. Their prices range from $25 per person one way.


You can use their website to check availability, book and pay for tickets online: 


To go Negril/Treasure Beach: 

use Montego Bay Station / Montego Bay Airport


To go to Ocho Rios, Kingston, Port Antonio:

use Falmouth Station

You will find out more from the paper guide book

in your apartment when you arrive!