Snorkeling by  Calypso Villa

only $10 per day


Rent snorkeling gear set from us and explore the Caribbean under water! One set includes high quality mask and a pair of fins. Alternatively, bring your own set! (and yes, you will need the fins!)

There is a cool Shipwreck near Calypso Villa. 


Just 10 mins walk and 5 mins swim off the shore - and you will see it, full of fish, with pieces of old fishnet, an anchor nearby and a propeller. Make sure to bring your GoPro for some awesome shots!

Please watch our Video Guide for Snorkeling in Jamaica

Snorkeling by the Reef

inquire about prices here:

Go on a Sailing boat to a secret reef, where you will find not only the beautiful reef itself and lots of colourful fish. You might also get lucky to see large stingrays and jellyfish. 

The snorkeling trip includes a ride on a sailing boat to and from the reef, drinks and snacks and all the equipment.


Has to be booked in advance. Please read more about the sailing boat trips here.

Is it safe?

Sea Urchins   
These can be very unpleasant. Do NOT touch them! There are no sea urchins in sandy areas, but there are plenty of them on the coral reef and among rocks. Be careful, do NOT step on them!

No Sharks

There are no sharks near the northern shores in Jamaica and this has been proved by ZERO shark attacks. Occasionally  you might get lucky to see a nurse shark, but this one never attacks people. 



There are stingrays. It's always fun to chase them for some amazing shots. Stingrays in Jamaica won't attack people, but just to be on a safe side - don't come too close to them.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean can be the experience of a lifetime, but please, be sensible, this isn't Disney park! You can touch Jellyfish only on the bell, but never touch its arms or the ring around the bell, because you'll be stung! So, unless you know what you're doing, it's safe NOT to touch anything under water!