Q: Should I change USD to JMD?

A: Everybody takes USD in Jamaica. Do NOT change money at the airport - this is the worst place to change money (they will try to trick you into changing money there). When you arrive, there will be information in your apartment on best places to change money and occasions when having Jamaican Dollars is better than USD.

About Marijuana

Q: Is it true that everybody smokes marijuana in Jamaica?


A: NO! I personally don't smoke weed (also known as "ganja" in Jamaica) and I've seen more people smoking weed in the UK or the USA than in Jamaica, even if we take into account the proportion of the population. Only 2% of Jamaican population are true Rastafarian, which is way less people than in Africa, Europe or States. So, don't believe what media tells you.


!!! WARNING !!!
Please  note, it IS legal to smoke/posses and grow marijuana in Jamaica, however, it's actually ILLEGAL to buy or sell it, unless the place has a license. 

How Much?

Q: Is it expensive to live and/or travel in Jamaica?

A: YES! Very. It's a very expensive country when it comes to.. pretty much everything: food, clothes, transport - you name it. What is more, local people overestimate everything they provide and put unrealistically high prices on things of very low quality, because they assume you have unlimited budget. E.g. you can be expected to pay over 60 USD to go on a raft along the river (which should really cost next to nothing), 35 USD per person to view a waterfall (which should be free, because they haven't invested anything into it) or 600 USD per person for an individual excursion with some Jamaican tour company, which is simply ridiculous. There are ways to avoid being overcharged for everything, but then it would depend where and how you wish to travel and what you want to see.


Q: Where can I buy souvenirs? What should I buy?

A: Best place to shop for souvenirs:

  • Shop in Devon House, Kingston, called "Things Jamaican". 
  • Local markets in Blue Mountain or Portland villages. 
  • In Montego Bay the options are limited. You can get standard souvenirs (magnets etc) and T-shirts, in supermarket and pharmacies. Best place would be "Fontana Pharmacy" in Fairview. Note though, most of these souvenirs are made in China or India.

For true Jamaican stuff we recommend goods made in Jamaica. These include the following:

  • Cocoa Butter Cream (from about $2 per item)
  • Blue Mountain Coffee (from $10 per pack)
  • Rum (from $5 per bottle)
  • Woodcraft and Bamboo crafts
  • Candles, soaps and oils  


Q: Is it safe to drink water?


A: You CAN drink tap water, which is free. It's rather good quality, because all water system in Jamaica gets water from the mountains. It's probably the only country in the world with such high quality of water. However, if you're extra cautious and wish to buy bottled water, then buy any brand in a supermarket, they are all more or less the same. Note, there is NO sparkling/carbonated water available to buy, except for imported Perrier for $5 per bottle, so don't waste your time in a supermarket trying to find it!

Is it safe?

Q: Is it really dangerous in Jamaica because of the high crime rate?


A: NO. It's perfectly safe to walk, even at night, as long as you don't do anything that you wouldn't do in your home country. For example, finding a drunk person and flashing 10000 USD in front of his face WILL get you robbed. Otherwise, it's much safer in Jamaica (including Kingston) than in most big European and American cities. Don't get us wrong, of course, there is crime, but if you look at the statistics, you will be surprised to learn, that the crime rate in Jamaica is much lower than in the USA.


Small island?

Q: Is it possible to travel around Jamaica and see everything in a few days? After all, Jamaica is just "a small island".

A: Well, even though it might seem that Jamaica is a small island, it may take weeks or even months to see everything here. The thing is, most interesting places are located far away from everything and it can take hours or days to get there simply because there are no highways leading to those places as such. Just to give you an example – you might look at the map and assume, that 90 km (56 miles) from Montego Bay to Negril along a good road shouldn't take more than an hour, but in fact this trip might take from 1.30 to 2 hours or even more, depending on the traffic, time of the day and weather conditions. So, if you want to explore the island – give yourself at least 2 full weeks. This will allow you to see about 10% of Jamaican beauty..

What to bring?

Q: Should I bring something from home?


A: Please view a list below.

  • SUNSCREEN and AFTERSUN. These can be found easily in Jamaica, but are very expensive. It's better to shop for them back home.
  • SEA SHOES. Bring sea shoes, these would be very useful when climbing waterfalls and walking over rocks.
  • WINE. If you like good wine - buy it in your home country, e.g. in a Duty Free Shop. Keep in mind, there is GOOD alcohol in Jamaica, that is BEER and RUM. Any soda drinks cost next to nothing. However, all other alcohol (whiskey, wine, vodka etc) is either highly overpriced or of low quality.
  • CHEESE.  If you like cheese (or any dairy products) - bring them with you. All dairy products in Jamaica are super expensive or non-existent.
  • CIGARETTES. If you SMOKE, make sure to buy cigarettes in your home country if they are cheaper there. In Jamaica 1 pack of cigarettes costs 10 USD.


Q: Is it safe to eat food in the street?


A: It's safe to eat any food in Jamaica. Please note though, local cafes don't care how their food look like, so don't expect anything fancy, unless you go to a fine dining place. However, any local food is always tasty and fresh.