Understanding this guide

Below you will find a list of awesome places in Jamaica which we recommend to visit. 


The description for each place features entrance fees. Please note, the prices do NOT include transportation. The description is based on our personal experience when visiting the places.

You can visit any of these places by yourself if you rent a car. This will allow you to save quite a lot on transportation. 


Then again, renting a car is an option which might not be suitable for everyone. That is why we also have a guide driver who can take you to all these awesome places at a reasonable price

Montego Bay  & Falmouth

Martha Brae Rafting Village

$60 per raft (allows 2-3 people)

This is a quiet, romantic experience, going through the rainforest along the river on a bamboo raft. This usually takes just over 1 hour. Beware of overpriced shops and rafting guides, who would want to sell some souvenir items. It's better NOT to buy souvenirs there. You can tip the rafting guide instead, if he did a great job with story telling and guidance. $10 is a good tip.

tel: +1 (876) 940 6398 

hours: 9.00 am - 3.30 pm last tour

location: Martha Brae Village, opposite Falmouth, Trelawny

directions: 20 mins drive EAST along A1 highway until you reach a bridge. Go off the highway under the bridge (this means you’ll be turning RIGHT from the highway). Once under bridge, you will see the V split of the road, go LEFT. Follow the road and signs to Martha Brae, until you reach the gates. Ask local people for directions if you get lost, everybody knows where Martha Brae is. 


Martha Brae Website

Falmouth  Heritage Walks

$25 per person

The best experience for the lovers of history. As they put it, these are guided walking tours full of history, flavour and intrigue. There are indeed many things to see. Falmouth was founded by Thomas Reid in 1769. It flourished as a market centre and port for forty years at a time when Jamaica was the world's leading sugar producer.


To me Falmouth gives a very strange feeling of being in the UK because of the type of structures, yet with palm trees, often loud music and people selling stuff on the ground.


ATTN: Reservation required a day in advance.

hours: 8.00 am - 1.00 pm

location: Falmouth, Trelawny

directions: Arrange the tour, drive into town and park by the church, opposite Court House. If going by route taxi, all of them have final destination in the center of Falmouth by gas station. Heritage Walks staff will be waiting for you in front of the Court House.


It's a good idea to AVOID cruise ship days.


Falmouth Heritage Walks Website

tel: +1 (876) 407 2245

Luminous Lagoon Glistening Waters

$25 per person

Glistening Waters, also known as Luminuous Lagoon is one of 4 places on Earth with this phenomena - the glowing plankton.

You’re guaranteed to see the water glowing, but the experience can be spoilt by too many tourists. However, this is a must see if it rains, because rain drops add to the beauty of this place turning it to “Avatar” movie like. On cloud free nights make sure to take advantage of the amazing night sky there. 

hours: 6.45 pm - 8.30 pm last tour

prices: $25 per person for a 30-50 mins boat ride and swim.

location: Glistening Waters, Falmouth. directions: 20 mins drive EAST, pass bridge. After the bridge it’s another 5 mins drive until the turn. Turn LEFT at Johnson's Petroleum sign.


tel: +1 (876) 954 3229

Glistening Waters Website

Doctor's Cave Beach

$6 per person

The best beach in Montego Bay. It is clean, with all types of facilities, including sunbeds, restaurant, changing rooms etc.


The only negative thing about it - it’s located in Hip Strip, the most touristic street in Montego Bay. On the way to/from the beach you will hear a lot of “shopping today?” questions and often meet quite a few annoying people who are there on the hunt for tourists - avoid them by saying "no mon, me good". 

tel: +1 (876) 952 2566

hours: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm

prices: chairs/umbrellas etc $6 per item for the day.

location: Gloucester avenue, Montego Bay (downtown)

directions: 20 mins drive WEST along A1 highway and Gloucester Avenue


Doctor's Cave Beach Website

Potosi Estate

free entrance or from $80 per person

Amazing historical ruins of a plantation. You can get there for free by simply driving to the ruins, however, the directions are tricky, roads are bad and the place is hidden in the rainforest.


The easiest option to explore the place is by booking a River Bumpkin Bicycle Trek tour with Island Routes.  

tel: +1 (877) 768 8370

prices: from free to $80 per person for 2.30 hours cycling tour. You can book $145 per person for cycle+river tubing tour. Note: Island Routes Tours include transportation.

hours: vary. Either drive 24/7 or book a tour with Island Routes.

location: Martha Brae river valley, in the middle of nowhere, hidden in a rainforest.

directions: complex, ask for a separate printout.

Ocho Rios: Top 3 Places

It takes 1.30 hours drive to get to Ocho Rios from our house. It is a very scenic drive via A1 highway.


Ocho Rios is famous for its waterfalls, rainforests and mountains. The best way to explore the town and the surrounding area is on a Day Trip.

If you rent a car, we'll provide you with directions to every single place you choose to visit. Alternatively, you can go on a Day Trip to Ocho Rios with our driver.


You will find a full guide to places at the apartment, but here just check out the Top 3 places to visit in the area of Ocho Rios.

Irie Blue Hole

$15 per person

A setting of over 20 waterfalls, one after another throughout the rainforest. This is one of the best experiences to get, especially if you wish to be active.


First, there is a hike through the jungle for about 10 mins, then you can climb the rocks, walk across the river, swim through the lake, do cliff jumping from different heights, swing on the rope etc. 

It feels like being a part of Indiana Jones movie or a character in a computer game. For those less active ones - it’s possible to walk around the waterfalls, taking easier routes.

hours: 8 am - 4 pm

location: Thatch Hill Road, 20 mins drive from Ocho Rios

directions: 2 hours drive EAST. Ask for printout with detailed directions if going by yourself.

WATCH the VIDEO review for IRIE BLUE HOLE which we've created!

Calby's Place

$8 per person

Even higher in the mountains, after you have passed the waterfalls, you will reach a quiet Rasta's house. He’s known as Calby. The house and the garden are at the river bank, hidden in the rainforest. There are a lot of hammocks, fruit trees and birds. It is a perfect place for relaxation and camping.


hours: 24/7

location: Rainforest, 10 mins drive from Irie Blue Hole.

directions: Ask for printout with detailed directions if going by yourself.

WATCH VIDEO for camping at Calby's Place below:

Shaw Park and Garden

$10 per person


A waterfall and a garden without any tourists - just have it all to yourself, before it becomes famous. All tours are conducted by a knowledgeable guide, or you may wander around by yourselves.


tel: +1 (876) 974 27 23 

hours: 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

location: 10 mins drive from Ocho Rios downtown into the hills.

directions: From Ocho Rios, turn at A3 (Milford Road), drive up for about a minute and take a right turn at Shaw Park Road. At the end of Shaw Park Road there is an entrance to the park.

Negril: Top 3 Places

It takes 2 hours drive to get to Negril from our house. You can take several stops on the way not to miss cool locations.


Negril is famous for its 7 mile beach, which is in the top list beaches in the Caribbean. However, there are many more fun places to visit.

If you rent a car, we'll provide you with directions. Alternatively, you can go on a Day Trip to Negril with our driver.


You will find a full guide to places at the apartment, but here just check out the Top 3 places to visit in the area of Negril.

Fort Charlotte

free entrance

It was built in the mid 18th Century by the British during the reign of King George III of England for the defence of the North North Westerly section of the island.


Inside the fort is the remains of the circular base for the rotation of guns which were placed there so that they could shoot from every possible angle. The Artillery Store still stands and is made of cutstone.

Currently the place is in good condition, even though it’s abandoned and tourists rarely visit it.


hours: 24/7

location: Fort Charlotte Drive, Lucea, Hanover.

directions: Drive through Lucea and take a right turn in front of the Hanover church. Drive to the end of the road and you will see the Fort at the end.

Calico Jack Pirate Bar

$10 per person

This is a bar on a little island, which is especially cool because of its pirate themed design. When you get to Half Moon Beach, they will provide you with a boat to the island.


While on the island, you can just take pictures, go snorkeling or order delicious lobster / jerk menu. Though make sure to check the prices for food first if you decide to eat there.

tel: +1 (876) 531 45 08

hours: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

location: Half Moon Beach, Green island, Negril.

directions: drive toward Negril, until you reach Half Moon Beach sign. Turn right at the sign and park close to the Reception hut. Pay for entrance and enjoy the ride to the island.

Calico Jack Website

Rick's Cafe

free entrance

World famous cliff bar. Overpriced, with many tourists, and often the service is slow, as in most places in Jamaica. 


Yet, it’s still worth a visit! Watching other people jump off the cliffs or dare to jump as well - can surely be fun. Be careful, though, you can get hurt if you don’t know how to do cliff jumping properly.

tel: (876) 957-0380

hours: 12.00 pm - 9.30 pm, live music played from 6 to 8 pm.

location: West End Road, Negril.

directions: Drive through Negril and continue on West End Road until you will see a large Rick’s Cafe sign.

Rick's Cafe Website

You will find out more from the paper guide book

in your apartment when you arrive!